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Date 2021-01-13.14:58:19
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We (SUSE) have updated versions of the wheels as special Sources, and then this in the %prep stage of our SPEC file:

    # Replace bundled wheels with the updates ones
    rm -v Lib/ensurepip/_bundled/*.whl
    cp -v %{SOURCE20} %{SOURCE21} Lib/ensurepip/_bundled/
    STVER=$(basename %{SOURCE20}|cut -d- -f2)
    PIPVER=$(basename %{SOURCE21}|cut -d- -f2)
    sed -E -i -e "s/^(\s*_SETUPTOOLS_VERSION\s+=\s+)\"[0-9.]+\"/\1\"${STVER}\"/" \
              -e "s/^(\s*_PIP_VERSION\s+=\s+)\"[0-9.]+\"/\1\"${PIPVER}\"/" \

A bit of manual work required, but it doesn't lead to so incredible convoluted constructs as I see in Fedora (nothing against it, but our build system is already convoluted enough).
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