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Date 2021-01-13.10:32:01
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etree's find method supports a limited subset of XPath, . e.find("./*[2]") seems to trigger undefined behavior. The limited XPath syntax for positions is documented as "position predicates must be preceded by a tag name".

lxml behaves the same. Its find() method returns the same value and its xpath() method your expected value:

>>> import lxml.etree
>>> e = lxml.etree.fromstring('<html><div class="row"/><hr/><div/><hr/><div class="row"/><button/></html>')
>>> e.find("./*[2]")
<Element div at 0x7fe4d777b6c0>
>>> e.xpath("./*[2]")
[<Element hr at 0x7fe4d777b2c0>]
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