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* Fedora 33 (stable) ships python3-sphinx 3.2.1-1 and python3.10 version 3.10.0~a3-1 (the alpha4 is under tests).
* Debian Buster (stable) ships python3-sphinx 1.8.4-1 and python3 version 3.7.3-1
* Debian Sid (unstable) ships python3-sphinx 3.4.3-1 and python3 version 3.9.1-1.
* Ubuntu Groovy (stable) ships python3-sphinx 3.2.1-1 and python3 version 3.8.6-0ubuntu1
* Ubuntu Hirsute (dev) ships python3-sphinx 3.3.1-1 and python3 version 3.9.0-3ubuntu1

In this list, requiring Sphinx 3.2+ to build Python 3.10 documentation would only be an issue on Debian Buster.

I didn't check Red Hat RHEL or SUSE SLE. If they want to ship Python 3.10 but only have an old Sphinx, they can either use a newer Sphinx to build the doc, or ship Python 3.10 with no doc (since it would not be the "system Python", it may be an acceptable tradeoff).
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