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> Some distribs may want/need to ship Python 3.10 along with Sphinx 2?

In my experience, Linux distributions prefer to only ship a single Sphinx version. The question is more which Linux distributions are stuck at Sphinx 2 only?

If there is a short list of Linux distributions which cannot use Sphinx 3, even just to build the Python documentation, would it be acceptable for them to stop shipping the Python documentation?

In Fedora, the Python documentation is a separated package. For example, it allows us to upgrade Python while Fedora Rawhide was upgrade to Sphinx 3 but the Python documentation was not compatible with Sphinx 3 (fixed in bpo-40204).

If you ask *me*: I mostly care about Fedora which already uses Sphinx 3.2, so I'm fine with requiring Sphinx 3.2 (the Python documentation is *not* compatible with Sphinx 3.0 and 3.1: see bpo-40204).

If the minimum required Sphinx version changes, please document it properly at:
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