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python -mtrace -t reveals a long string of these:

 --- modulename: errors, funcname: __init__         super().__init__(*args, **kw)
 --- modulename: errors, funcname: __init__         if line is not None:             super().__init__(line)         self.line = line         if value and value[0] != ';':         if value:             mime_parameters.append(ValueTerminal(';', 'parameter-separator'))
 --- modulename: _header_value_parser, funcname: __new__         self = super().__new__(cls, value)         self.token_type = token_type         self.defects = []         return self             value = value[1:]     while value:         try:             token, value = get_parameter(value)
 --- modulename: _header_value_parser, funcname: get_parameter     param = Parameter()
 --- modulename: _header_value_parser, funcname: __init__         super().__init__(*args, **kw)         self.defects = []     token, value = get_attribute(value)
 --- modulename: _header_value_parser, funcname: get_attribute     attribute = Attribute()
 --- modulename: _header_value_parser, funcname: __init__         super().__init__(*args, **kw)         self.defects = []     if value and value[0] in CFWS_LEADER:     if value and value[0] in ATTRIBUTE_ENDS:         raise errors.HeaderParseError(             "expected token but found '{}'".format(value))         except errors.HeaderParseError as err:             leader = None             if value[0] in CFWS_LEADER:             if not value:             if value[0] == ';':                 if leader is not None:                 mime_parameters.defects.append(errors.InvalidHeaderDefect(                     "parameter entry with no content"))

... which would make sense as such, except at the end, the list of defects is empty.  And, of course, it should not take so long.
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