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Date 2021-01-09.00:44:15
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I added this note to #9673 after rereading the posts and the 2010 tkinter list thread.

"My testing was inadequate.  From #42867, it appears that 0. the bug is limited to Windows; 1. opening a canned dialog or message box is part of getting the buggy behavior; 2. timing is involved; 3. the bug can be exhibited on Windows directly with wish/tk, so that it is a 3rd party tcl/tk issue and not a tkinter issue.  Hence changing the issue resolution.

A workaround mentioned in both the referenced tkinter thread and #42867 is to call after_idle() at some point."

Paine, thank you for verifying both the bug and workaround directly with tk.  I am closing this also as 3rd party.
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