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Date 2021-01-07.11:21:05
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The Fedora packaging policy recommends to "unbundle" bundled dependencies.

"Fedora packages SHOULD make every effort to avoid having multiple, separate, upstream projects bundled together in a single package."

The main motivation is to ease updates when fix serious vulnerabilities (less packaging work).

The ensurepip package contains bundled wheel packages of setuptools and pip:

$ ls Lib/ensurepip/_bundled/

The Fedora python3 package doesn't contain the ensurepip._bundled package:

$ python3
Python 3.9.1 (default, Dec  8 2020, 00:00:00) 
>>> import ensurepip._bundled
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ensurepip._bundled'

Instead, a separated RPM package python-pip-wheel provides wheel packages in /usr/share/python-wheels/ directory:

$ ls /usr/share/python-wheels/

Fedora has a downstream patch on ensurepip (written by Miro Hrončok) to always use /usr/share/python-wheels/:

Fedora has packages of 9 CPython versions: 2.6, 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10.

Having a separated package for wheel packages allows us to upgrade a single package (python-pip-wheel) for setuptools/pip bugfix or security vulnerability.


I propose to add a new --with-wheel-pkg-dir=PATH option to the ./configure script. If used, ensurepip will only use wheel packages from this directory. Otherwise, the existing code is unchanged. In short, the behavior is unchanged, unless the option is used explicitly.

If a directory is specified but wheel packages are missing, ensurepip fails.

If the directory contains multiple wheel packages of different versions, the most recent version is used of each package.

Note: In practice, the Fedora package only provides a single wheel package of each Python module. But I propose to make the Python upstream code as generic as possible.

I'm working on a pull request to implement this.

Downstream Fedora issue:


Fedora (Miro) already contributed to ensurepip to make ensurepip less dependent on pip internals:

commit 88f82b2b9ea3514359cb6e3218121f75334063ac
Author: Miro Hrončok <>
Date:   Tue Mar 10 22:16:28 2020 +0100

    bpo-38662: ensurepip invokes pip via runpy (GH-18901)
    The ensurepip module now invokes pip via the runpy module.
    Hence it is no longer tightly coupled with the internal API of the bundled
    pip version, allowing easier updates to a newer pip version both
    internally and for distributors.
    This way, any changes to the internal pip API won't mean ensurepip needs to be
    changed as well. Also, distributors can update their pip wheels independent on
    CPython release schedule.
    Co-Authored-By: Pradyun Gedam <>
    Co-Authored-By: Miro Hrončok <>

This change was already related to Fedora downstream change to get wheel packages from a different directory. Fedora can use a different pip version (older or more recent) than ensurepip._bundled.
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