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"Enhancements" (non-bugfix feature changes) can only be applied to future versions.  However, you are asking for the reversion of an intentional feature change made in a 'bugfix' release# for (I believe) 3.1.  Before the change, as I remember, truncating to 0 *did* move the file pointer back to 0.  As I remember, Guide von Rossum requested the change and Antoine Pitrou made it.
new says "The current stream position isn’t changed."

If you also want to change the stream position, do it with seek(), perhaps before the truncate.

# This change in a bugfix release, a violation the rule stated above, broke the code of multiple people.  (We thereafter strengthened the  policy.)  To fix my code, I had to add a seek(0).  I put it before truncate(0), so I know that this works.
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