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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-12-25.23:48:07
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Since the PyTypeObject structure is excluded from the limited C API and the stable ABI on purpose (PEP 384), I don't see the purpose of the Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_VERSION_TAG flag.

Moreover, a new flag was added recently:

#if !defined(Py_LIMITED_API) || Py_LIMITED_API+0 >= 0x030A0000
/* Type has am_send entry in tp_as_async slot */
#define Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_AM_SEND (1UL << 21)

Should it be also removed?

For example, Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_FINALIZE was deprecated in bpo-32388 by:

commit ada319bb6d0ebcc68d3e0ef2b4279ea061877ac8
Author: Antoine Pitrou <>
Date:   Wed May 29 22:12:38 2019 +0200

    bpo-32388: Remove cross-version binary compatibility requirement in tp_flags (GH-4944)
    It is now allowed to add new fields at the end of the PyTypeObject struct without having to allocate a dedicated compatibility flag i
n tp_flags.
    This will reduce the risk of running out of bits in the 32-bit tp_flags value.

By the way, is it worth it to remove Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_FINALIZE? Or is it going to break too many extension modules?
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