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Date 2020-12-25.18:57:35
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Thanks for the answer, I agree.
The implementation should be like this?

from import Mapping
from dataclasses import dataclass, fields, _FIELDS, _FIELD

class _DataclassMappingMixin(Mapping):
    def __iter__(self):
        return ( for f in fields(self))

    def __getitem__(self, key):
        fields = getattr(self, _FIELDS)
        f = fields[key]
        if f._field_type is not _FIELD:
            raise KeyError(f"'{key}' is not a dataclass field.")
        return getattr(self,

    def __len__(self):
        return len(fields(self))

def dataclass_mapping(cls=None, **kwargs):
    def apply_dataclass(cls):
        dataclass_wrap = dataclass(**kwargs)
        return dataclass_wrap(cls)

    def check_mapping_attrs(cls):
        mapping_attrs = (i for i in dir(_DataclassMappingMixin) if i[0] != '_')
        for key in mapping_attrs:
            if hasattr(cls, key):
                raise AttributeError(f"'{key}' is the Mapping reserved attribute.")

    def apply_mapping(cls):
        return type(cls.__name__ + 'Mapping',
                    (cls, _DataclassMappingMixin),

    def wrap(cls):
        cls_dataclass = apply_dataclass(cls)
        return apply_mapping(cls_dataclass)

    # See if we're being called as @dataclass or @dataclass().
    if cls is None:
        # We're called with parens.
        return wrap

    # We're called as @dataclass without parens.
    return wrap(cls)

class MyDataclass:
    a: int = 1
    b: int = 2

my_dataclass = MyDataclass(b='3')
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