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I'm sure that this has been observed before, but I was unable to find the original issue where this was discussed so I'm going to apologize in advance for what is probably a duplicate issue.

But why is there no documentation available on the classes and functions available in the pydoc module?

There are a large number of well documented classes, methods and functions and I could easily imagine legitimate motivations to want to import some of the functionality provided and use it in a project.

No information on the 2000 lines of code in are provided at


`python -m pydoc -w pydoc`

Generates a similarly sparse file.

In addition, running in the interactive interpreter:

>>> help(pydoc)

shows almost no real information. I'm genuinely unsure of why this happens. Even if this is an intentional design decision for how the Helper class is supposed to work, why isn't there corresponding information for the different classes at `Doc/library/pydoc.rst`?

Searching for something like `pydoc.TextRepr` in the search bar of doesn't return anything at all.

Sorry if there's something horrifically obvious I'm missing here guys but I'd appreciate any clarification on this matter.
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