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I strongly oppose this change, and I dispute the characterisation of 
this as a misleading note. It is not misleading, and I argue that every 
word of it is factually correct. Jake, if you disagree, then please 
provide some citations.

Irit: it is ridiculous to describe a two paragraph (nine line) note as 
"a statistics textbook". That is an exaggerated position that doesn't 
help the discussion. It's not a textbook, it is a short note that helps 
users whose knowledge of statistics is naive to understand which 
statistic is better for them.

"If someone doesn't know whether they need the mean or the median, they 
really need to read a more fundamental text before writing their code."

I totally disagree. This module is not intended only for statisticians 
and experts, and the user who isn't sure which average to use shouldn't 
have to read a textbook on the fundamentals of statistics.
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