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(Apologies if this isn't the right place and/or time for this kind of negative feedback. I'm open to suggestions for a more appropriate venue)

I found it disheartening that my work on this ticket has been erased.

While I understand that other contributors have worked a lot more on this than I have, I did put in a non-negligible amount of work into this ticket.
From creating the original issue to taking a first stab at writing a patch (including several rounds of back and forth with core developers).

It would have been nice to have been credited in the commit message for example.

As-is, it gives me the impression that the only things this project values are pure code contributions.

I couldn't find documentation about how this projects credits contributors.
If it's standard practice not to credit non-code contributions or non-merged code contributions then I humbly suggest you reconsider this practice.
From my perspective it really discourages me from making further contributions.
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