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Date 2020-12-08.18:12:29
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The pathlib.Path is new since I paid much attention to os matters (I cut my teeth on py2.5).

Off hand it looks like the user could

    import pathlib
    parser.add_argument('-p', type=pathlib.Path)

to convert a string into a Path object.

A custom type function could call this, and apply any desired methods before returning the Path object. But that should be up to the user, not the `argparse` developers.

Importing path specific modules such as pathlib (which in turn has a lot of imports) goes against the attempt to reduce the number of unnecessary imports with modules like argparse.
Reduce the number of imports for argparse

After this diet argparse still imports os, and uses:


I might also note that argparse has only one custom 'type' function, the FileType factory.  Other common type functions like 'int' and 'float' are Python builtin's.  Adding a custom 'bool' (to be used instead of the builtin 'bool') has been rejected.

json, yaml, and datetime types have also been rejected
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