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Date 2020-12-02.00:08:50
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Attached is a sample program which works on 3.9 but fails linking with 3.10.0a2 

The .so is missing the symbol:

igor@LAPTOP:~/py_limited_api_example$ nm /home/igor/lib/ | grep Py_CompileString
0000000000212720 T Py_CompileString
000000000020fe30 T Py_CompileStringExFlags
0000000000212730 T Py_CompileStringFlags
000000000020fd40 T Py_CompileStringObject

igor@LAPTOP:~/py_limited_api_example$ nm /home/igor/lib/ | grep Py_CompileString
0000000000201a40 T Py_CompileStringExFlags
0000000000201980 T Py_CompileStringObject

Please stop breaking the Stable ABI :/
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