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Author Werner Smidt
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Date 2020-12-01.11:35:56
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Sorry for being lacking in providing some OS info.  b

Opensuse Tumbleweed, Linux kernel 5.8.10-1, Intel system

I cannot explain why, but relating to Sara's answer, if you remove the .join() statements at the end, you get the following exception:

/usr/bin/python3: Error while finding module specification for '' (ModuleNotFoundError: __path__ attribute not found on 'testqueuepickle3' while trying to find '')
mynamedtuple(param1='INSIDE thread', param2='namedtuple')

So I guess that it gets stuck after an exception is thrown?  If I call it Sara's way, there is no exception thrown. 

Sorry, I know this is a very specific case, but I thank you both for taking the time to contribute :-)
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