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Date 2020-11-30.11:17:53
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Currently, because `BinaryIO` is subclass of `IO[bytes]`, the 2 cannot be used interchangeably.

Example with pytype:

def iter_zip(arch_f) -> List[typing.BinaryIO]]:
  with open(arch_f, 'rb') as fobj:
    z = zipfile.ZipFile(fobj)
    return [ for member in z.infolist()]


           Expected: Tuple[str, BinaryIO]
  Actually returned: Tuple[Any, IO[bytes]]

Technically pytype is right as ` -> IO[bytes]`:

But this makes BinaryIO usage quite confusing.

From the implementation, it seems that the BinaryIO is slightly different (

But the documentation is unclear about the difference between the 2

Additionally, `typing.IO` is implemented as Generic but shouldn't this be a Protocol instead ?
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