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Hi S├ębastien,

This is a bug tracker for reporting bugs, not a help desk to help with your code. There are many community resources to help you debug your code, but this is not one of them. You can try:

* Reddit's /r/learnpython
* the Python-list mailing list or news group or comp.lang.python
* The Python Discuss forums
* various IRC channels
* other forums

There may be others. However I guess you probably need ROS specific forums.

It may help to read these first:

If there is a problem with pointcloud2.readpoint returning two values when you expected one, you should check the pointcloud2 documentation, or the ROS project, and report the bug to them.

I'm going to close this as "Third Party", as any bug is most likely in the pointcloud2 library, or your own code.

Unfortunately, even if it turns out to be a bug in struct.unpack_from, although I don't understand why you think it might be, we aren't accepting any bug reports for Python 2, it is no longer maintained. Please upgrade to Python 3.9 and see if that fixes the problem.

Please note that your sample code gives a function "read_points" but the callback calls a different function "read_points2".
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