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Date 2020-11-28.14:16:26
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I agree this is a race condition, and have narrowed the issue down to wait_visibility with the following also hanging indefinitely (tested against the master branch):

import threading
import tkinter as tk
def create_tp():
    t = tk.Toplevel()
root = tk.Tk()
tk.Button(root, text="Create", command=lambda:

I agree this is a race condition (presumably between wait_visibility and window render) and am pretty sure there is nothing either us or the Tk team can do (IMO, this issue should be closed - though thank you for reporting it).
Similar behaviour to issue-42142, though I don't believe threading is used there.

> Am I doing something wrong here?
Using threads?! tkinter is known to not like threads and there are several bugs which can cause the Python interpreter to crash.
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