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Date 2020-11-24.14:26:02
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> In the case of this it's mood to even discuss requiring
> os-release. (a) the PR does not add a hard dependency
> on os-release, and (b) the file is present anyway.

For anything outside cpython, there is the distro module, and the distro module is checking os-release first if it exists.  I don't see a good value to add a second API for a subset of the distro module.  Apparently the distro module is used by other projects.

$ apt rdepends python3-distro | grep '^  [DRS]' | wc -l

If you think, distro information is needed to run cpython's tests, then make that function available as part of the tests, and don't promote that as a new API, although it is better in many cases to rely on feature tests instead of version information and distro names.  Don't expose it as yet another API.
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