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Date 2020-11-24.14:09:40
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> IMO it's interesting to see which Linux distributions provide os-release. The list of quite long!

As I said before I could not find any supported release of a Linux distribution without a proper os-release file. It might be possible that there are micro container images or Linux From Scratch builds without os-release. So far I haven't found any distribution and I have tested almost two dozen.

> Christian, is it necessary to start with threats?

I'm sorry that you feel threatened. It was not my intention to make you feel that way.

IMHO the Python core team can define requirements for vendors and distributors. PEP 11 an PEP 394 contain examples of recommendations and requirements. After all it's in our interest to ensure that our users get a good and consistent experience on supported platforms. Of course vendors are free to ignore our requirements and recommendations.

In the case of this it's mood to even discuss requiring os-release. (a) the PR does not add a hard dependency on os-release, and (b) the file is present anyway.
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