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Date 2020-11-24.13:49:48
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Matthias Klose:
> There's no need to expose a second implementation as another API in the standard library.

When linux_distribution() has been removed, platform.platform() became less useful. Example:

$ python2 -m platform

$ python3 -m platform

Python 2 provides *more* information than Python 3. I see this as a regression.

It would be great if we could again add again the Linux distribution name and vresion in platform.platform().

For example, I'm using platform.platform() on buildbots to quickly identify on which operating systems an issue happens: see test.pythoninfo script ("make pythoninfo" used by buildbots).

Right now, it's annoying to have to manually dig into the buildbot worker details to get informations, usually outdated (when the machine is upgraded, but not the worker description).
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