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Date 2020-11-24.13:44:44
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> os-release is covered by the distro module.

Ah, I didn't know.

The distro package implements a robust and inclusive way of retrieving the information about a distribution based on new standards and old methods, namely from these data sources (from high to low precedence):

    The os-release file /etc/os-release, if present.
    The output of the lsb_release command, if available.
    The distro release file (/etc/*(-|_)(release|version)), if present.
    The uname command for BSD based distrubtions.

You're right, not only os-release is used, but it has the highest priority.

> There's no need to expose a second implementation as another API in the standard library.

Usually, a new experimental feature is developed on PyPI. Once it becomes stable and mature enough, we consider to include it into the stdlib.

Since the file format became standard and the file became available on almost all Linux distributions, it seems like we reached this point, no?

Christian: can you please try to contact the distro maintainer, Nir Cohen, to ask him to help us on this issue?
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