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Date 2020-11-24.13:12:14
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Matthias Klose:
> I'm not aware of any embedded Linux distro using systemd (no, I don't consider Raspian an embedded Linux distro).

As soon as the function is documented to return an error if the file doesn't exist, I don't see how this is a blocker issue.

Matthias: I don't understand your arguments against adding a Python function to read a standardize configuration file.

The platform module is the right place to add such function.

The distro module exists on PyPI because there is a need for such a function. The function even existed previously in platform. It only had to be removed because it was a pain in the *** to maintain it. The stdlib is slow to be updated, whereas Linux vendors were creative for the filename and the format of the filename.

Since the filename is now fixed and the format is well specified, IMO it's perfectly fine to add PR 23492.
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