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Date 2020-11-22.14:23:49
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I am having an issue with crypt library (Lib/ when hashing passwords containing dolalr sign ("$") . I am using python 3.8.5 on Linux.  To compare hashed passwords produced by crypt, I used openssl utilities. 

When generating hashes for password without "$", crypt and openssl return the same result.

But when generating hashes for passwords containing $ dollar sign, crypt returns a result different from the result returned by openssl: 

openssl passwd -6 "cash$money"
python3 -c 'import crypt; print(crypt.crypt("cash$money","$6$C0UG33RcHmBVAjQ/"))'

I did not find a special mention for dollar sign in the documentation. Thanks for your help.
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