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Date 2020-11-16.15:03:43
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Please also document the removal of the node.h header file. The removal of this file broke the build of the two following packages.


In file included from src/server/mod_wsgi.c:22:
src/server/wsgi_python.h:44:10: fatal error: node.h: No such file or directory
   44 | #include "node.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.


In file included from /builddir/build/BUILD/kdev-python-5.6.0/parser/astbuilder.cpp:31:
/builddir/build/BUILD/kdev-python-5.6.0/parser/python_header.h:33:10: fatal error: node.h: No such file or directory
   33 | #include "node.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
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