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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2020-11-16.12:53:46
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I have been experimenting with different hardware and AIX versions.

When building on AIX 5.3 - and the oldest libraries - test_math passes.

When I run the test on POWER8, using either xlc or gcc test_math fails with just one element of the test.

When I run the test on POWER6 I get many more errors - that I never had before. These are all after OS updates (I was not going to build for AIX 5.3 any more).

An idea I have now - that may explain the sudden change in behavior is if the libraries have been optimized to always use the DFP (decimal floating point) internally - for what, from the application perspective - is the normal - no HW acceleration for FP - interface.

I know there are ways to 'discover' this, but I'll need to write some tests so that I can see - if linking to different libraries actuates DFP performance counters yes and no.

At this point - this feels like the a potential explanation.
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