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Date 2020-11-13.13:42:06
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When tinkering around with `SimpleNamespace` I tried to figure out the reasons for using it over just the `class NS: pass` alternative.

One reason is the comparison, which is not a plain `id` comparison, but an attribute comparison.

When looking at the documentation of the imaginary python implementation, where only dicts are compared, the reader (me) could think you can compare it to classes.

>>> from types import SimpleNamespace
>>> simple_ns = SimpleNamespace(a=1, b="two")

>>> class NS: pass
>>> class_ns = NS()
>>> class_ns.a = 1
>>> class_ns.b = "two"

>>> simple_ns == class_ns
>>> False

Actually, the C implementation compares the types, too.

While the documentation says the Python impl is "roughly equivalent", 
I's still suggest to update the documentation.

If there is some agreement, I'd create a pull request.
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