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Date 2020-11-11.16:54:11
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> That sounds more like a process problem than a CPython codebase one. The ideal would be that the machinery sending those notifications can be configured to ignore known failures when deciding whether to send email. Is that remotely feasible? (I have zero familiarity with the buildbot machinery.)

If a test fails all the time and not randomly, a single email is sent at the first failure.

I'm annoyed by test_threading which crash randomly on AIX: It's a known issue, I already fixed 3/4 of the issue, but I didn't fix the remaining part.

In the past, I already disabled AIX email notifications simply because there was nobody to fix issues, and so emails were just spam.

> but I kinda *want* IBM developers running the Python test suite on AIX to see those failures, in the hope that they might then be motivated to push for a fix to the relevant AIX bug. :-)

Well, that would be great.

I'm not sure if Michael Felt is still working on supporting AIX in Python. David Edelsohn might help.
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