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Victor: Irit is reviewing old issues to decide whether to close or not.  She has to touch it somehow to mark it as reviewed.

Irit: if you only change the version, others may think that you blindly updated the version.  Better to say something that moves the issue forward.  Also, only marking for the next version, now 3.10, would delay the possible future obsolescence of the version marking.  In any case, any coredev who merges would decide about backports.

This particular issue needs major surgery as it is two interleaved but unrelated discussions.  Francisco should have moved his unrelated patch to a new issue as Eric Smith asked.  I opened new issue 42299 and moved the revised patch there, with credit to Francisco and Ezio as reviewer.  I unlinked both from here.

To make the discussion of Nick's issue more readable, the unrelated messages about the unrelated patch should be unlinked.  I believe each message unlink would generate a separate email, as did the file unlinks.
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