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Author shakir_juolay
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Date 2020-11-06.20:33:38
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I do not think the issue is related to Jupyter since even import winpty in Python IDLE is giving the same error.

I resolved the issue by doing the following but I do not know which of them is the main culprit.

1. Downgraded to Python 3.8.5 (pywinpty currently does not have cp39 version wheel file)

2. pip install wheel (since when I trying to pip install pywinpty in Python 3.9.0 I was getting the message package 'wheel' is not installed using instead, and as I understand .whl files are better options for installation, and some folks on Google have resolved this issue using manual wheel files from Christoph Gohlke's PythonLibs)

3. pip install jupyterlab (I noticed pywinpty was installed using .whl file)
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