Author jackjansen
Date 2001-10-31.16:41:38
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This patch enables Python to interpret all known
newline conventions,
CR, LF or CRLF, on all platforms.

This support is enabled by configuring with
(so by default it is off, and everything should behave
as usual).

With universal newline support enabled two things
- When importing or otherwise parsing .py files any
newline convention
  is accepted.
- Python code can pass a new "t" mode parameter to
open() which
  reads files with any newline convention. "t" cannot
be combined with
  any other mode flags like "w" or "+", for obvious

File objects have a new attribute "newlines" which
contains the type of
newlines encountered in the file (or None when no
newline has been seen,
or "mixed" if there were various types of newlines).

Also included is a test script which tests both file
I/O and parsing.
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