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> 1. Such understanding of a tutorial is debatable. Tutorial is just a material for learning written with some system in mind, which is more interesting to read than dry reference material. A tutorial, generally dpeaking, may be both for beginners and for professionals.

OK, I will send this topic to python-dev first.

> 2. The question about exception chaining is popular on Stackoverflow in people who came to Python with Java or C# background (see “python inner exception”).
> 3. Whatever material is given, it should not cause confusion, but now it does.

I searched it but I can not find confusion caused by this tutorial section. Please write a concrete URL caused by current tutorial?

> Since this section has been added recently, it is better to fix it rather than remove entirely, aren’t you agree?

I prefer removing mention to __cause__, instead of adding mention to __context__.

No need to remove entire section. We can introduce high level overview of context chaining. Describing the default behavior and "from None" is enough for new users.
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