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Author erlendaasland
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Date 2020-11-03.20:19:56
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FYI, rebased onto master, added Petr Viktorin's _PyType_GetModuleByDef() for use in item 7 (module state). I still run into problems in item 8, but I haven't devoted much time for this yet:
Modules/gcmodule.c:116: gc_decref: Assertion "gc_get_refs(g) > 0" failed: refcount is too small
Enable tracemalloc to get the memory block allocation traceback

object address  : 0x7f861140c6b0
object refcount : 2
object type     : 0x109666678
object type name: type
object repr     : <class 'sqlite3.InterfaceError'>

Fatal Python error: _PyObject_AssertFailed: _PyObject_AssertFailed
Python runtime state: finalizing (tstate=0x7f8631409000)
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