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Date 2020-11-02.08:18:31
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I ran the test and the results are attached (the first one is a complete test and the other one failed tests in verbose mode).

I checked the failing tests and divided them into several groups:

issues already reported:
  test_asyncio - reported and being solved here:
  test_posix - problem with return values, reported here:
  test_shutil - sendfile for Solaris was disabled in the library, but not in the test suite, which leads to the issues (I asked about reenabling here:; that would solve the issue)

these failures are probably related to our internal network settings (false positives):
  test_ssl, test_urllib, test_urllib2, test_urllib2_localnet

  test_float - locale related *
  test_locale - locale related *
  test_re - most likely locale related *
  test_socket - known issues not yet reported upstream (not ready for acceptable PR)
  test_time - one locale related * and other not yet known
  test_tcl - yet to investigate

*) Locale related failures are due to wchar_t differences between the Linux world and ours. It's something we resolved very recently and have yet to rework it into an upstreamable form and report it.

It would be interesting to see Illumos results as well, because while also Solaris, there might be differences due to almost ten years of spit development.
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