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@Serhiy, wow interesting find, it seems to be typing's repr problem rather than the actual types itself:

>>> typing.Union[dict[int, str], list[str]]
typing.Union[dict, list]

>>> typing.Union[dict[int, str], list[str]].__args__
(dict[int, str], list[str])

The __args__ seem to be correct, so I'm guessing the typing repr went wrong somewhere. That should be the case for your example too:

>>> alias = typing.List[int] | dict[float, str]
>>> alias
typing.Union[typing.List[int], dict]

>>> type(alias)
<class 'typing._UnionGenericAlias'>

>>> alias.__args__
(typing.List[int], dict[float, str])

I'll work on this. If I don't reply back in a week, someone else is free to take over this issue.
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