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Dear Solaris Python fans (about 20 so far here): Here is the situation.  There are 1000s of open issues on this tracker and at least 100s of open cpython PRs, and only 20-30 core developers, mostly volunteers, actively (depending on definition) merging PRs and maybe another 10 triagers helping to manage issues.

You all can help on issues by checking whether reported bugs still exist with current Python (3.8+) on current 'Solaris' (which includes what?).  Searching open issues for 'Solaris' in 'All text' just returned 114 hits.  About half were last touched over two years ago, and sometimes the last touch was inconsequential (a version or nosy change).  I suspect many of the 114 are obsolete.  For example, the last comment, five years ago, on #1471934, says the problem was fixed in Solaris 11.2.  Does this mean the issue should be closed?

The bottleneck for merging PRs is reviewing PRs.  We coredevs cannot do enough reviews ourselves.  But any competent user can  help.  Reviewing has two components.  First, does the patch fix the problem?  Testing this requires a Github account and a local clone and ability to build a test binary.  See for more.  Second, does the patch meet our standards of code quality.  Solaris-specific patches likely change the C part of cpython, so C competence and understanding of PEP 7 is needed here.
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