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Hi, here I am passing on several notes from the Oracle Solaris team:

- Oracle continues to develop and advance Oracle Solaris technology, and have committed to doing so for years to come. We release a new update (so called SRU) every month (
- Python is essential for Oracle Solaris and actively worked on. In fact, we recently finished migration to Python 3.7 and integrated Python 3.9, which will be released to customers soon.
- Internally, we are performing daily testing for each Python version from 3.7+ and reporting any issues that are found* (fortunately, there are not many of them because Python works very well!).
- Python 3 is running for more than a year now on any machine running Oracle Solaris 11.4.
- Looking at six download statistics is very misleading because we are packaging Python and its modules in Solaris packages. This package is essential (meaning that every Oracle Solaris machine will have it installed). Also, we are caching archives internally, so unless customers download a newer version into a virtual environment, you won't see more than a few downloads from Oracle Solaris (which are then distributed onto thousands of machines running Oracle Solaris).
- We are looking at how to provide build bots running on Oracle Solaris.
- We are trying to be part of the Python community and also put back Solaris specific fixes (we provide patches for many of those issues reported).
- It is certainly much better (hopefully for everyone) to resolve any specific Solaris issues and help with the maintenance within the Python community than do this just internally as part of Oracle Solaris development.

*) everything reported by me are Solaris related issues

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