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Date 2020-10-29.22:38:57
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I think Solaris Support is still important and I could invest more time on it.

About package downloads:

1. I routinely download packages in my laptop (Linux) and distribute them to a fleet of servers (Linux and Solaris) via ansible and similar. Many servers in intranets don't install packages directly via PIP.

2. Under OmniOS or SmartOS (Illumos distributions), many people use the system package manager to install Python packages, not "PIP". For instance,

Buildbots: I used to manage a buildbot with OpenIndiana, but it didn't survived the GITHUB migration. I could provide now a SmartOS buildbot.

As a core developer, I do care about Solaris. I fully realize I have been quite inactive since the github migration. My fault. I could devote more time to the task.
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