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Date 2020-10-23.08:39:29
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@barry Thank you for your input on the PR.

From what I understood this PR was nearly ready and only missing a small addition to the documentation which I added. So it took me a bit to go through it all :-).

I actually don't see how *parsedate_to_datetime* would ever return None. It is *_parsedate_tz* which returns None on bogus input, in which case *parsedate_to_datetime* raises a TypeError.
This is also covered in the tests, so those should be fine.

In order to continue I suggest to fix the documentation on *parsedate_to_datetime*, remove the mention of it returning None and replacing it with it possibly returning TypeError in case of an invalid date input.

Does that make sense ?

Regarding the backporting, as a user of this I must admit that it would be much appreciated if this could be backported :-).
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