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Author methane
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Date 2020-10-23.03:21:19
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I had suspected that pypeformance just don't have enough workload for non-small int.

For example, spectral_norm is integer heavy + some float warkload. But bm_spectral_norm uses `DEFAULT_N = 130`. So most integers are fit into smallint cache.

On the othar hand, spectral_norm in the benchmarkgame uses N=5500.

So I ran the benchmark on my machine:

real    1m24.647s
user    5m37.515s

real    1m19.033s
user    5m14.682s

master+increased small int from [-5, 256] to [-9, 1024]
real    1m23.742s
user    5m33.569s

314.682/337.515 = 0.9323496733478512. So ther is only 7% speedup even when N=5500.

After all, I think it is doubtful. Let's stop this idea until situation is  changed.
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