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asyncio code placed in a repl won't execute properly as it may (or may not) be running an event loop already.

This happens not just in traditional repls, but any platform that provides execution shells around code.  Other repls, Spyder, pyppeter, and a lot more.  Some of the maintainers reference running a monkey patch to fix the problem.

The link I provided referenced 40 complaints about this issue.

I am not really proposing anything, just that it be addressed by either new API or better documentation explaining how best to solve the problem.  I do provide an example of an idea.

But addressing is important.  Just leaving it up to the community is causing a lot of chaos, incompatibilities and bugs.   

Some are suggesting using get_event_loop() but you discourage using this api in the documentation.  Not sure what that guidance means exactly as it's not very clear under what constraints the API can be used and when it can't.
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