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Proposed alternative based on Eryk's:

      For maximum reliability, use a fully-qualified path for the executable.
      To search for an unqualified name on :envvar:`PATH`, use
      :meth:`shutil.which`. On all platforms, passing :data:`sys.executable`
      is the recommended way to launch the current Python interpreter again,
      and use the ``-m`` command-line format to launch an installed module.

      Resolving the path of *executable* (or the first item of *args*) is
      platform dependent. For POSIX, see :meth:`os.execvpe`, and note that
      when resolving or searching for the executable path, *cwd* overrides the
      current working directory and *env* can override the ``PATH``
      environment variable. For Windows, see the documentation of the
      ``lpApplicationName`` and ``lpCommandLine`` parameters of WinAPI
      ``CreateProcess``, and note that when resolving or searching for the
      executable path with ``shell=False``, *cwd* does not override the
      current working directory and *env* cannot override the ``PATH``
      environment variable. Using a full path avoids all of these variations.
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