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My biggest concern with the suggested wording (which in broad terms looks OK to me) is that it reintroduces the issue with the redirector.

By specifically saying that the behaviour in `CreateProcess` applies, we lead the user to the statement that the search path includes "the directory containing the running application", which the user will interpret as the directory of `sys.executable`. So we need to qualify this somewhere by clarifying that "the running application" may not actually be `sys.executable` (without saying what it actually *is*, as that would mean documentin what the redirector does, which Steve wants to avoid).

I don't have a good answer here - we have two conflicting preferences (document the search behaviour but don't document the way the redirector works) and something needs to give. (To be fair, there's a third conflicting priority here, which is me wanting everything to be explicit and clear. I'm willing to give that up if you and Steve can agree on something, though).
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