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Packaging Tcl and Tk within the python framework is a great idea
and a big improvement.  But the way it is being done is pretty crazy,
and makes it unnecessarily difficult to upgrade the version of Tcl/Tk
that python is using.  That is something which should be easy,
especially since python is still using version 8.6.8 even though 8.6.11
is about to be released and includes the results of a huge effort to
improve and stabilize the macOS port of Tk.

There is a standard and completely straightforward way of including
a framework within a framework.  The normal thing to do would be
to create a directory Python.framework/Versions/X.Y/Frameworks/ which
contains Tcl.framework and Tk.framework.  Upgrading to a newer version
of Tcl and Tk would then simply require updating those frameworks, which
would be very easy to accomplish, for example, with a .pkg file.

Instead of doing this, Python currently jams everything related to Tcl
and Tk into its lib directory, changing the library and directory names
randomly and breaking the standard directory structure that Tcl and Tk
use in their frameworks.

Why not make it standard and simple?  Why add all of this random noise?
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