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> I'm not asking that we guarantee any behaviour, or that we commit ourselves to anything. Just that we note that people ought not to be making a specific assumption

Which is a fine intent, it's just the running assumption is that if it's in the documentation, it's supported (e.g. the distutils discussion). So no matter how carefully we document something as unsupported, people will still argue that it's supported because it's in the docs 🤷‍♂️

> which it appears from this issue, people *have* been making

We'd need Mark to weigh in (or possibly track down and ask a colleague), but I expect the assumption is that subprocess.Popen("python") searches PATH first. I've honestly never encountered anyone who deliberately depended on the application directory search (at least the first time, some who have discovered it have used it, though it tends to surprise colleagues when they do).

> I'll update the PR to add this statement or something similar to the subprocess docs in the next couple of days.

No rush. We've got the sprints next week, and I don't have any major time consuming projects, so will probably get a few easier PRs done. Looks like I can edit your PR, so I can finish it up if you want to just move on :)
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