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Date 2020-10-14.15:14:37
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It took me a while to collect my thoughts but here you go.

Advanced users don't have a problem. They'll trade in date or datetime objects explicitly. The "proof" is I could not find any github repo with more than one start that'll call

The less advanced users are sometime doing and then all kinds of weird things.

HassanAbouelela has a good point: is a straight forward way to get today in a datetime object.

On the topic of:

> "How long is it until Christmas?"

# Current
In [7]: -
Out[7]: datetime.timedelta(days=-1, seconds=86399, microseconds=999991)

# Hassan's
In [16]: datetime.datetime(2020, 12, 25) - datetime.datetime(,,
Out[16]: datetime.timedelta(days=72)

Optimizing for the less advanced user, I believe Hassan's proposal yields the more intuitive result.
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