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Date 2020-10-14.01:39:31
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On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 12:45:55AM +0000, Damian Yurzola wrote:

> And you also see people doing date math on which 
> will result in different answers through out the day.

Yes? Is this a problem? If I ask the question "How long is it until 
Christmas?" the answer should be different if I ask on one minute past 
midnight on December 24 or one minute to midnight.

I daresay that you are correct that many (maybe a majority) of uses of are conceptually better as, but not all of 

> I like HassanAbouelela's idea that should 
> return an arbitrary fixed time rather than an arbitrary variable time.

But it's not an arbitrary variable time. It is just a high-resolution 
(down to the microsecond) version of "today", instead of the 
low-resolution (down to a single day)
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