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Tal, this is an existing issue about documenting how to run IDLE coverage.  It was left open to add something about the *nix equivalent of my Windows instructions.  I would like to finish this, with updates elsewhere in the text.

I'm dubious about Louie's patch (PR 2733) for multiple reasons: it starts with venv's, which I consider a separate issue; it gives the commands that might go in a script, but does not comprise a script itself; I cannot tell if it uses an IDLE specific .coverage.  Louie ceased IDLE involvement in Sept 2017, so I am closing his patch in favor of whatever you might contribute.

The .coveragerc copied into the README is missing some additions, and I plan to add some annotations to the original.  Do you think it better to have a copy in README.txt, or a separate .coveragerc file in idle_test?  Same question for cover.bat.

"5. Test Coverage" begins with "Install the coverage package into your Python 3.6 site-packages directory."  That should be '3.x' or 'the most recent installed Python possible', so it is most likely to be compatible with current master branch python.  I should also mention that we only need coverage on master, and have other revisions in mind.

Cheryl mentioned above instructions for coverage of all IDLE tests.  I have the command, commented out, in my original cover.bat.  After retesting, I could add it, commented out, to the copy.
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