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Author Dennis Sweeney
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Date 2020-10-13.21:42:46
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bench_table.txt gives my results (`ref` is Master, `change` is with PR 22679).
The change gives 342 faster cases and 275 slower cases, and 9 cases with no change.

I chose a random word of length 10**6 with a zipf character distribution for the haystack, then 20 random needles (also zipf) of each length and tested those same needles and haystack for both.

I ran then with this:

from lots_of_benches import needles, haystack
needles: list[str]
haystack: str

from pyperf import Runner
runner = Runner()

for needle in needles:
    n = len(needle)
    abbrev = needle if n <= 10 else f"{needle[:10]}..."
        name=f"length={n}, value={abbrev}",
        stmt=f"needle in haystack",
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